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Ham Steaks: A Tasty Meal That’s Ready in a Flash

Marquette11/16/2011 – Today Smokehouse Glenn brought in a generous sampling of thick sliced pan fried bites of his Ham Steak.  This was the best ham I have ever tasted.  It was juicy, very thick cut and had a great smoky flavor.  The hams from which these slices are taken from are different in meat texture than the spiral sliced hams. They are juicier and cured in a approach which affords the use of this product its best taste when served warm.  These hams are processed using what is referred to as a sweet pickle cure which generates more of a sweet flavor than a salty flavor. Glenn sells this type of ham in the Old Fashioned full ham style, or in the popular ham steak style.  The ham steaks are great for a quick easy meal for two for dinner or it would make a great addition to a hearty ham and eggs breakfast!  I also see visions of delicious split pea soup with large, luscious chunks of this ham steak cut up!!! Mmmmm!!!!!! Since they are fully cooked, they only have to be warmed in a pan or on the grill in the summer.  You have to stop in and try one of these unique tasting, thick sliced ham steaks today!

northern meats ham steak
Thick Sliced Ham Steak from Northern Meats





Episode 14 – Ham Steaks