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Northern Meats has Snappy, Flavorful Meat Sticks

Marquette10/26/2011 -Smokehouse Glenn brought in a variety of his smoked snack sticks in for sampling, which turned out to be extremely tasty. Four different recipes to sample from – original, venison, pepperoni and jalapeno flavors. Glenn has them available from the Northern Meats kitchen.

Smokehouse Glenn Snack Sticks
Original Recipe Meat Sticks

The flavors for each of Glenn’s snack sticks were distinct in each of their recipes. Original is a mildly seasoned meat stick that would be a favorite to any palette looking for a straight forward, good-tasting, chewy snack. Pepperoni stick is flavored comparable to any of the similar product available just like what you would want to include on your pizza but in a smaller diameter. Venison is slightly larger in diameter than the other sticks, however, the flavoring is mild and extremely delicious. Jalapeno should scare away anyone by the name. Glenn’s recipe has a slight degree of heat to its flavor which gives this recipe the Lay’s potato chip syndrome – you can’t eat just one!!!! I couldn’t!!!!!

I always learn something new and interesting from talking with Glenn about his product. Today, I shared with Glenn how I really like meat sticks that have a firm, chewy texture as compared to several commercial brands that a somewhat tough outer casing but the inside meat product is soft; sometimes almost down-right mushy. So, here’s the secret – it lies in the Ph level within the meat mixture. These products require no refrigeration. Within each meat stick recipe mixture, there is an amount of starter culture or lactic acid that promotes a sustained shelf life or generates a shelf stable product, usually around a two month period. The lactic acid level or Ph level also plays a critical part in the texture of the meat after it goes through the smoking process. By using a meter to monitor the Ph level, once you the desired level, heat from the smoking process removes the remaining sugars and creates the desired firmness or texture. The Ph has a lot to do with the “snappiness” of the meat stick. You will not be disappointed with any of the snack stick flavors available from Northern Meats courtesy of Smokehouse Glenn!!!

Episode 11 – Smoked Snack Sticks Audio

Smokehouse Glenn Meat Sticks
Smokehouse Glenn's Pepperoni Sticks
Smokehouse Glenn Meat Sticks
Jalapeno Flavored Snack Sticks